-Haji Murad Trust Eye Hospital; started in 1982

At present, by the grace of God, the hospital consists of 72 beds which are all centrally air-conditioned. The hospital is run by foreign trained doctors, who are expert in their respective fields. They perform their duties with full dedication and devotion. The hospital is well equipped with the latest electronic equipment and gadgets. It caters for the treatment of all kinds of eye diseases.

The process of operations continues round the year and videos of the operation can be seen by patients and their relatives on T.V sets installed at the various points. Every effort is being made to equip the hospital with machines which are the product of the latest scientific research. Reception hall, male and female wards and deluxe rooms are all linked with the system of video feeds of eye operations. Special care is taken to provide maximum comfort and facilities to the patients like T.V., hot and cold water, gas for any cooking and kitchen. Facilities of radio, music channels, record players are also available. Regardless of the limited financial resource, VIP treatment is given to every patient irrespective of his social position or status. Dedicated & devoted staff of the hospital is always alert to serve the patients.

The management of the hospital always strives to maintain the standard of the operations performed in the hospital accordingl to the operations performed in the best hospitals worldwide. Out of the 72 beds, 26 are totally free. Consequently, despite completing 30 years of its existence, the hospital is still not self sufficient; to meet its day to day expenses. In order to meet these expenses million of rupees are contributed by the fixed income deposits and donations from the trustees.

Free Wards: Two wards consisting of 26 beds (14 female and 12 male ) are totally free. In fact,  these wards are the HEART and SOUL of the hospital, where not only all operations are performed free but medicines are also provided free of cost. The trustees have never lost sight of the fact that the hospital was basically built for the treatment of the POOR People.
Private ward: This ward also consists of 26 beds. This ward is reserved for those patients who do not require Zakat and do not want free treatment. At the same time they can neither afford the full charges of the hospital nor their fee of the doctor. Such patients are given special remission of 75% of their expenses. In other words, only 25% of the total expenses are charged from them.
Deluxe / Private Rooms: In this hospital, 20 deluxe / private rooms have been constructed to create financial resources for the hospital. In these rooms, private patients are charged full expense for their treatment. In these rooms the private patients of the doctors are admitted. Therefore, doctors are allowed to settle and receive their fee from such patients. The hospital does not take any share from this fee. However; rent for the room, laboratory expenses, admission fee and operation theatre charges are recovered to meet other expenses of the hospital.

At present the staff of Haji Trust Eye Hospital consists of a team of eight Expert doctors. Besides, there is one anesthetist and a team of 30 qualified Para medical Staff.
Following diagnostic and surgical facilities are available
  1. Pahco-Emusification
  2. Extra capsular cataract extraction (ECCE)
  3. Intra capsular cataract extraction (ICCE)
  4. Posterior chamber lens implant (PCIOL)
  5. Complicated cataract surgery
  6. Combined surgery (cataract&glaucoma)
  7. Lens matter aspiration
  8. Trabeculectomy
  9. Trabeculectomy with minomicine ”C”
  10. Modified drainage procedure in A/C with tube(silicon)
  11. Examination under anaesthesia for diagnosis
  12. Anterior vitrectomy
  13. Retinal Re-attacment surgery
  14. Cryo ablation
  15. trans-Scleral panretinalcryoablation
  16. Ptosis surgery
  17. Strabismus (Squint surgery)
  1. Keratiplasty
  2. Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
  3. Lensectomy
  4. Repair of all types of traumatic injuries
  5. Iris abcission
  6. Supra choroidal fluid drainage
  7. Posterior vitrectomy
  8. Lensectomy and vitrectomy
  9. Epiratinal membrane peeling
  10. Posterior fixation of I.O.L
  11. Yag laser capsulotomy
  12. Yag laser trabeculoplasty
  13. Laser trabeculoplasty
  14. Rottationalkeratoplasty
  15. Tectonic Grafting
  16. Canhoplasty operations
  17. A.Scan
  18. B.Scan
  19. Perimetry

EMERGENCY SERVICES: In order to meet any emergency and/or accidental cases, the medical staff remains present round the clock to treat such patients.

OPERATION THEATRE: There are two most modern operation theatres in the hospital which are equipped with the latest modern machines. In these operation theatres highly qualified, foreign trained and expert doctors are available to perform their duties with dedication and professional skill.

LABORATORY: The hospital is also equipped with a laboratory in which an efficient and expert staff performs their duties. Various tests of the patients are performed with great care and skill. The laboratory is also equipped with the latest apparatus to give first rate results.

LIBRARY: Recently, a library has also been set up in the hospital which contains a large number of the latest books and literature relating to eye diseases. Furthermore, books on others topics are also available. Latest magazines and journals from medical associations of America an England and “International health,” on various research topics are also being received regularly. Our medical staff is taking full advantage of this literature to keep their