The Company was incorporated in the year 1981 - 1982 under Companies Act 1932. It is basically manufacturing unit for making chemicals. Some of its Products are Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Quick Lime, Hydrated Lime, and Calcium Oxide & Activated Calcium Carbonate.
Asian Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd is also a quality supplier of natural beneficiated Precipitated Calcium Carbonate. Asian Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd utilizes patented grinding equipment and the latest processing technologies to produce high purity Calcium Carbonate. The factory was set up with a double objective in mind : that of optimizing productivity by using large production lines that are totally automatic and ensure a sustained quality, and that of creating production centers with parallel service equipment to ensure the continuity of the process and consequently the supply to the markets in all possible conditions.
In addition to satisfying your requirements and meeting your expectations, our commitment to quality involves a commitment to continuous improvement. As a result, our research staff is continuously exploring new product ideas and enhancements for our existing products. These technical experts are also readily available to provide you with any technical analysis, service and support you may need.
Our motto has always been to achieve the highest standards of product and service by “Total Quality Management”. We have a program to continuously improve every aspect of business by innovation and customized approach in everything we do. 

Asian Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd investments in the state-of-the-art equipment for quality control make the company and industry leader. Its highly qualified staff which includes experienced engineers and technicians uses highly sophisticated lab and analytical equipments.
To ensure product quality, we take advantage of the latest in process control methods such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) techniques. Asian Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd plants are in the process of implementation of ISO 9002 quality assurance procedures and follow the required standards. 

Asian Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd proven sales and marketing team is highly customer oriented. They are further supported by the technical services group, made up of engineers, chemistes, process engineers and chemical technicians, working in concert to meet customer needs.
Our sales and technical services staff bring to bear far ranging expertise, whether they are counseling a customer on product usage, developing a product for a specific application or implementing a technology transfer. 

Asian Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd pays particular attention to the environment. All plants are equipped with effective pollution control equipment such as dust collection systems tailored to our operations and which meet all applicable environmental guidelines.


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