Quality Control

Our repute in the market and the provision of high quality products, over decades, has been established because quality assurance is at the heart of everything we do.
When it comes to quality control, the ethos of the company is based on the following principles to ensure that we not just aim to provide to best in the business, but continue to do so.
• Customer Centric. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that the demands of our customers are met and when it comes to delivering products as per their requirement, we not just meet, but exceed expectations.
• Trained Staff. Our trained staff and administration ensures that each step of the process has oversight. The automated production is carefully monitored at each and all steps to produce a superior quality product.
• Upgrade SOPs. To provide quality products, we have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which are followed at every step of the process. These are regularly upgraded according to the latest requirements and in order to continuously better ourselves as an organization.
• Employee Training. We believe in investing in our work force. Through specialized employee training at all levels of our hierarchy, we consistently develop our work force in an attempt to improve as a company.
• Latest Technology. Using state of the art manufacturing techniques and equipment, we aim to use innovation as the fire which fuels the growth and development of our company.
• Eco-Friendly. Our company has strict policies when it comes to the environment, health and safety. All production units are equipped with effective pollution control equipment, such as the “dust collection system,” tailored to our system to meet all applicable environmental and safety guidelines.

Quality Control Lab

Asian Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd, has its own laboratory for testing physical and chemical analysis reports by the highly qualified and certified staff which includes experienced engineers and technicians.

The Quality Control Lab (QCL) is one of the most pivotal cogs in our organization’s work flow. Established at the birth of the company, quality control and product testing is done by specialized chemists, technicians and microbiologists to strictly conform to the approved standards set by the company and the international community. And also, to meet every demand put forward by our customers.
The QCL tests materials at each stage of the production line to make sure that standards are being followed and maintained. The standards and equipment used for testing are in accordance with the international community.
Equipped with the latest equipment for measurement and physical and chemical analysis as per the industry’s demands and the customer’s needs, written confirmation by authorized personnel ensure that the every batch has quality assurance maintained.